Join us for camp in 2018!

Sending your child to camp is a big decision, we understand! Below is a list of common questions we get from parents that might help alleviate any anxiety you might have about sending your child to Crusaders Youth Camp and help you make the best decision for you and your camper.

The Crusaders Youth Camp was founded in 2005 by Glorious Light Christian Ministries, a ministry of Hope, Love, and Liberty. The camp is a residential summer camp designed for children between the ages of 6 through 21 years. The camp is held annually to bring Youths together and empower them to be responsible citizens. Programs are designed to teach moral values that will enable youth to be productive members of society and to conduct a variety of activities that will provide structure during the time frames the program is active. Youth from all walks of life join together with other youths to build new friendships, strengthen their moral values, and learn essential life skills that are beneficial to their individual lives. This great program is filled with wonderful and fun activities for them!

The camp location for 2018 is His Thousand Hills Christian Camp and Retreat Center, Wellsboro, PA. Please click here to find out more about this amazing location.

There are limited Scholarships available. We also have a need based aid that will cover part of your campers stay. Please email for more info.

At Crusaders Youth Camp we aim to introduce campers to Jesus Christ in such a compelling fashion that they will come to know Him as Lord and Savior with the hope that they will pursue their own personal relationship with Christ. For those that already know him, we aim to try and strengthen that relationship.

Our Mission

  • To help youths realize and occupy their place in society.
  • To encourage an atmosphere where youths can develop life skills that will make them of value to the society.
  • To create an environment where valuable relationships are built and lives are positively impacted.
  • To help youths develop character building traits.
  • To help youths discover their full potentials and civic responsibilities.
  • To encourage an atmosphere where youths can interact freely and enjoy true camaraderie.
  • To encourage youths to build team-work through various activities.
  • To encourage youths to make a difference in this world through micro-society programs.
  • To foster the development of leadership skills through entrepreneurship programs at all age levels.

If your camper has a special medical need, please contact our us prior to enrollment to see if Crusaders Youth Camp would be a good fit for your camper.

Tuition includes just about everything your camper needs while at camp; accommodation, meals, Camp T-shirts, field trips, transportation, and a ton of fun activities! Campers should be provided with some additional money to cover purchases at the snack bar provided by His Thousand Hills (camp location).

Yes, during the camp the children visit swimming pools.  At a minimum, your child’s swimming ability must be categorized as non-swimmer or swimmer. In order to be categorized as a swimmer and allowed to enter water greater than chest deep, a swimming ability assessment must be conducted by a swimming instructor. Campers that are not assessed by a Progressive Swimming Instructor may be treated as non-swimmers and restricted to water less than chest deep except as noted below

Each camp day at Crusaders Youth Camp is unique, but there is a good deal of regularity to the daily program.  Each exciting morning begins with breakfast and a short cabin “clean-up.” The morning continues with group skits based on a Bible scripture, Morning assembly, fun and engaging group activities, outdoor games and activities such as High Ropes, Low Ropes, Soap Ball, etc.  Following lunch, there are additional activity periods which can involve camp electives such as baking, basketball, fashion design and so much more!  After dinner, the Camp Activity Team usually has a Big Group Fellowship Time scheduled or an evening where we have talent show, coffee house, Mr & Ms. CYC Pageant, Game Shows, and so much more.  Depending on the day and age group, campers will also have opportunities to get involved in community service activities such as volunteering at the Habitat for Humanity, planning a dinner event for a homeless shelter in the area, or volunteering at the camp location.  Weekly trips, hikes, sight-seeing excursions, etc make up some of our special activities and events.

At Crusaders Youth Camp we desire camp to be a place free of the distractions, including clothing that draws unnecessary attention to an individual. Modest clothing must be worn at all times.  If improper attire is worn the camper will be asked to change. A more detailed list of our dress code will be e-mailed to you prior to camp.

Cabins are divided up by age, gender and grade.  There will always be at least one, sometimes two, counselors who will sleep in the cabin.

Visiting campers while camp is in session is strongly discouraged. Crusaders Youth Camp seeks to maintain a safe and secure environment for all campers. In the event of extraordinary circumstances, visits to the Camp while youth camp is in session must be scheduled in advance by contacting us.

We would like to discourage constant communications with your child during camp. Please keep in mind they are having fully scheduled day packed with fun activities throughout their camp experience. During classroom or outdoor activities they will not be able to use their phones. Phones will only be allowed in the mornings before activities start and in the evenings when activities end.



Crusaders Youth Camp has an RN on site and available 24 hours a day. Our nurse cares for the distribution of medications at each meal and is also available for any emergencies that may arise during camp. It is very important that your camper’s health history form is filled out thoroughly! This is to ensure that our trained medical staff are able to administer any needed medicine or care to your camper.

Your camper will enjoy three healthy meals each day during camp. Every camper at Crusaders Youth Camp goes well fed. We ensure that nutritional balance is always considered. We know that food is a priority so we spend a lot of our time ensuring that the children eat meals that they will enjoy. We also attend to special requests for allergies, please note any food allergies or dietary restrictions when registering for camp.

We all know that cell phones are very expensive, they can also get lost. The usage can also interfere with and even sabotage a child’s overall experience at camp. A camper that spends so much time immersed in technology or communications may do so at the expense of getting to know fellow campers and counselors. Summer camp offers a great opportunity to learn about and navigate social situations while not being constantly connected to and immersed within a digital/virtual world. we are, as strongly as possible, asking you to have your children leave this equipment at home. Crusaders Youth camp CANNOT AND WILL NOT BE RESPONSIBLE, FOR ANY REASON, FOR THE LOSS OR DAMAGE TO YOUR CHILDREN’S ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT including but not limited to cell phones, laptops, tablets, kindles, cords and chargers etc. We all are looking forward to a fun-filled, safe, and productive camp without any of the worries. We appreciate your cooperation.

You may send your child mail and letters but please notify the camp administration before doing so.The mailing address to our location is below:

His Thousand Hills Christian Camp & Retreats
458 Phippen Road
Wellsboro PA 16901

By Gods grace this will not happen, but if your child gets injured, Parents will be notified at the discretion of the medical staff. What guides us as we determine when to call is the nature and severity of the illness/injury and our involvement in resolving it. We desire to keep parents aware of our concerns early on so that they will be able to understand our intervention and plan the follow-up accordingly. Minor issues, of course, will be cared for without notifying parents. If a concern is lingering at the conclusion of camp a letter will be sent home with a full disclosure of our intervention and what we feel will be needed in follow-up, if any. If the need arises for transport to a higher level of care, a call will be placed to the parents to notify them accordingly.

It is our goal for each camper to have a good time at camp. Homesickness is possible though usually does not become a significant hindrance to a camper’s experience.In our 12 years at Crusaders Youth Camp, we have never sent a child home because of home sickness, as a matter of fact its usually the other way around.The children usually do not want to go back home after the camp is over.Your camper’s growth toward independence and happiness are of the utmost importance to us, and we always do our best to balance the two.